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Buying a holiday home or renting a home in Spain is not as simple as most people assume. Choosing a property needs a cool head, time, research, and local knowledge and that is where our Property Finder Service comes to the rescue.

Save Time

Even if you are searching on the Internet you may have to spend hours or days to find places that look promising. Assuming you really know the area and understand the places to avoid, you will need at least an hour for each property viewing including travel time.

On average it takes between 12 to 15 property viewing to find a shortlist of properties that you may consider bidding for. This of course assumes you have not been mislead by the snazzy photos and clever Estate Agent speak to lure you to many unsuitable properties.

After spending all this time finding a place, you then need to negotiate a price. If you cannot agree the right price, you have to start all over again. It is no wonder people buy in a rush because they have a deadline to return home and live to regret it or pay over the odds.

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Save Money

People who do not live locally have no idea of what is a good price or good value. They make judgement based on the prices of properties at their home country and local area. This is a big mistake as what appears to be cheap back home, is probably overpriced over here!

Andalucia is a magnet for Europeans to buy second homes and holiday homes. The attraction of the warmest climate in Europe, almost 296 days of sunshine, and low cost of living are all good reasons to buy.

However, not all that glitters is gold. Developers and sellers can take advantage of the desire for a place in the sun, and lure buyers into overpaying or buying in places that are difficult to sell later.

Our Property Finder Service is designed to reduce the risk of buying in the wrong place, overpaying for your property, or buying something that could turn out not to be legal.

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No Stress

No matter how many houses you have owned in your own country, laws and legal issues are not universal across all countries even those within the EU. More importantly Spain is run as a Federal country which means planning regulations is different Region by Region.

Andalucia has one of the toughest regulations but also has the largest number of illegal builds, which sound counter-intuitive. However, it makes perfect sense. Planning laws are tough and process can take months and sometimes years. This means many people either lose patience waiting or don’t even bother to apply for planning. All this is fine and dandy until the owner comes to sell it and/or the buyer needs a mortgage. Then welcome to the “Property from Hell” party!

Our Property Finder Service is designed to reduce the risks, lower costs of ownership, and ensure low stress process before, during and after the purchase. We check the deeds, planning records, and provide the kind of advice Estate Agents and their “Associated” lawyers will never utter. We give you the full picture and you make the decision.

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How it works

We have a long and detailed discussions with you so that we understand your list of requirements, your financial situation, your “must haves”, and your long term plans. We create a list of your requirements and ensure properties that we consider for you will meet the “Must Have” list and wherever possible as many as your “Wish List”. We also give you a realistic idea of what you can buy given your budget.

We find a shortlist of properties which we will email to you as the first past. We then visit selected properties that we all agree on to get the feel of the location, condition of the building, and discover the local secrets, etc. We will then make a shortlist of properties for you to visit, and help you negotiate the price. We negotiate the best price possible with the vendors as unlike Estate Agents we are working for you and do not make more money by pushing the prices up!

Even after purchasing your holiday property, we can continue to look after you with Property Management. We can help you maintain the property so that you can enjoy your holiday home to the full. If you decide to let it, we can manage the rental so you do not have to deal with all the drudgery and demands of rental management.