Winter Getaway

Getaway for Winter

We recently presented two episodes for the BBC programme “Getaway for Winter”, which made us realise the challenges of organising a long holiday abroad remains a mystery to most people. We thought it was appropriate to put together a guide for those thinking about spending their winter in Spain.
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Andalucian Short-Term (Holiday) Rental Regulations

In 2016 Junta de Andalucia introduced new requirements for holiday rentals, and everyone went into a panic and as usual there was a lot of misinformation and rash judgements on a new piece of regional legislation, so let’s have a cool and rational review of this regulation.
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Malaga Street Flamenco

Malaga is a lively city and you never know what you come across whilst walking around town. Malaga is know for it’s sense of fun, street performances, and of course the Feria de Malaga. This is what you come run into in the centre of town.